Friday, April 24, 2009

My Small Problem with OCD

Sometimes, I become a little OCD about things. One thing is organization and cleanliness. I feel like I can't go on unless everything around me is organized. This could possibly be a form of procrastination, but I truly feel like I get a little obsessed with it.
Mr. McB and I live in a two bedroom condo/apartment that we love. We were the first people to live in it and I really like most everything about it. One problem-very little storage-and I have a problem with the amount of stuff I own. Mr. McB loves to camp, but we have no place to put everything. So, since he has brought his camping stuff up from his parents' house, it has been sitting in piles in our living room. This has been driving me nuts!!!!! We got a storage unit for the stuff and it looks like we can finally pick up the key today. Thank goodness!!!!!!
However, we have a house guest spending the night and we are going camping tomorrow night. So, it looks like the stuff won't be getting put away before he gets here.
So, I decided to procrasinate from grading papers and clean our bathroom. One thing I hate is being a guest someplace and having to use a bathroom that isn't shiny and clean. So, it was time for another bathroom scrub down.
  1. Cleaned the two mirrors in our bathroom with streak free vinegar spray.
  2. Cleaned the sink with 4-in-1 cleaner. I'm a stickler for a clean, shiny sink.
  3. Cleaned and organized our over-the-toilet organizer. No matter how organized I feel it is, it never looks organized to me.
  4. Cleaned the toilet with 4-in-1 cleaner and a disposable toilet bowl cleaner.
  5. Cleaned the bathtub/shower with Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner and a cleaning brush.
  6. Finally, I cleaned the floor with a vinegar cleaner I make.

So, the bathroom should be nice and clean for our guest to use. :)

Anyone have any great tips for cleaning bathrooms??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Got the Job!!!!


After all my interviewing and preparing, I pretty much had three job offers on the table.

I immediately nixed one because it hadn't been fully offered and I thought it was the most time consuming out of the three offers. Don't get me wrong, I know jobs take time, but I don't want to be away all of the time. I admit that some travel is good and sometimes awesome, but too much travel can get the best of you.

The next option was really good and truly in the field I want to stay in, but there would be a fairly long commute every day unless we moved a little more north. I am not totally against moving, but Mr. McB's job is here for now. He has the possiblity of a job near where we would move, but nothing has been confirmed. Also, the cost of living would be a lot higher and I would still have somewhat of a commute.

Finally, I have accepted the tentative offer for a position at the university I currently work for. This position would have me using a lot of my undergraduate skills. It is a combination of public realations/communication, donor development and special events. This is the perfect job for me. :)

Yay!!!!! Thanks for the prayers!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Busy Day is Almost Over!

Hooray!!!! My busy day is almost complete. This is a day I have been truly stressing over, but with God's help it is almost over.

This morning, I awoke early to make sure I have everything in preparation for today. I wanted to especially look nice for my interview. I liked the way I fixed my hair-curly and back in a bun type of style. I hear wearing your hair back for an interview is best. Then, I put on my suit I haven't had on since I purchased it awhile back. Apparently, I have lost some mad weight-the suit looked too big, but it had to do.

I left for class and powered through class anticipating my upcoming interview. Luckily, my interview was in the same building as my class. So, I went up to the interview. Overall, I think it went fairly well, but you never can tell. I've had interviews I think went perfect and have never heard back from the organization. I have prayed about this interview and jobs in general. I tried my best with the interview questions. So, if this is the job or fit for me then I will take it. I just hope God puts me in the right direction.

After the interview, I grabbed a quick salad and headed to meet my group member for our presentation. We went to present. I thought the presentation went well overall. At least I believe the person who grades us liked the presentation. We had to develop a secret shopper program for the transportation company in our town. I think we put together a really nice program-I just hope the organization liked it. I still have to do this same presentation to our class in two weeks.

Tonight, I have another presentation. This one should be much easier and I am truly not concerned with it. So, for a few minutes-I am relaxing-which I haven't done in days. I look forward to later tonight, tomorrow evening and the weekend.

I'm going home for Easter!!!! Yay!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stressful Week Ahead

Praise God-He is probably the only One helping me power through this week.

Tonight, I drove in from my hometown (about three hours away)-had a group meeting for my capstone course.

Tomorrow, I work and then have to finalize everything for my capstone course.

Tuesday, I work and have to finalize everything for the rest of the week

Wednesday, I have class, a job interview, a presentation for my capstone project, and a presentation to undergraduate students

After Wednesday, I can finally breathe.

Please pray for me as I power through this week with God's help.