Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Post

Sitting here drinking a bottle of Rosso with Mr. McB after a long day of work, I decided to latch onto the blogging phenomenon. My main hope was to be able to share my thoughts and such with friends and family who are now quickly moving all over the country. I hate losing touch with people and over the last couple of years I am realizing how easy it is to quickly lose touch with your best of friends.
After graduating with my undergraduate degree, some of my friends began moving away. Now that I am almost done with my masters degree, I see more and more people moving away and losing contact. I figured that blogging sounded like a good way to keep in touch with everyone and keep everyone a part of my life.
These thoughts and overwhelming feelings of sadness for friends on the move have lead me to this-my first blog. Hope you all enjoy! Cheers!