Friday, May 15, 2009

It's been awhile....

Life has been crazy.

I finished up my masters degree and will be graduating this Sunday. I'm super pumped because this means I'm done with school for good-unless I decide to go for my PhD- lol. I was really proud of myself this semester-I got a 4.0.

Now my mind is on to summer-oh wait-that's right-I don't get a summer. I started my new job on May 1 and don't really get any vacation time. That is ok though. I can look forward to working all summer. Ha.

However, my mind is wondering to the Zac Brown Band song "Toes." I really like their sound. If you haven't heard them, check them out. They are a mix of country and island music, similar to Jimmy Buffett and some of Kenny Chesney's stuff. I really want to take another trip to the Carribean, but I have so many trips I want to do. However, I'd love to go back and relive our honeymoon and 2nd honeymoon (friend's destination wedding).

Overall, the new job is alright. As odd as this sounds, I wish I had more concreate stuff to do. Oh well, maybe once my new boss sees my work, she will give me more. I'll eventually get to where I want to be.

The family is coming in this weekend. I'm graduating with my masters degree-did I mention that?- and my sister-in-law is getting her nursing degree. This weekend should be jam packed and interesting. Apparently, Mr. McB's dad is coming in today. That probably means he is not bringing the little kids with him-kind of bummed. However, he is able to watch James coach his baseball game tonight. Yay! Also, my mom and grandma are coming in tomorrow. Yay! My grandma still hasn't seen our place. She is really excited. Unfortunately, my dad and my aunt can't come-bummer. Also, my mother-in-law and step-father-in-law are coming at some point, but I don't know details. Should be a good weekend?

Mr. McB and I joined a small group at our church. However, I think we are going to have to miss the first two meetings. One is Sunday-right after my graduation and the other is Memorial day weekend when we'll be camping. Sundays probably weren't the best days to small group-oh well.

So next weekend we are going camping with friends. This should be a blast. :) I'll come back with lots of pictures. :)