Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prayer Warriors Needed

Hi all!

I have a huge prayer request. My best friend's husband, S, recently had surgery. The surgery couldn't be performed in state, so he had to go to a different hospital about 4 hours away.
However, there have been many complications with the surgery. His condition has been up and down. Now, he is in ICU at the hospital in the different state.
My best friend, A, has been struggling with her job letting her have additional time off and she is having trouble with her in-laws.
Please get on your knees and pray for God's healing power on their family. S needs to be deeply healed and A needs comforting arms around her.

Also, Mr. McB has been fighting a cold/sinus infection thing for about three weeks now. He gets a little better and then feels worse. At night, he has a lot of trouble breathing because he is coughing so much from the congestion. Pray that he quickly gets better because it is starting to really worry me-he never gets sick. Also, pray that his position quickly becomes permanent so we can have health care to battle these problems.

On a lighter note, pray for me. I have a few job prospects which could potentially turn into something. I pray for strength through this process and I also pray that God helps guide me to the right position.