Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Busy Day is Almost Over!

Hooray!!!! My busy day is almost complete. This is a day I have been truly stressing over, but with God's help it is almost over.

This morning, I awoke early to make sure I have everything in preparation for today. I wanted to especially look nice for my interview. I liked the way I fixed my hair-curly and back in a bun type of style. I hear wearing your hair back for an interview is best. Then, I put on my suit I haven't had on since I purchased it awhile back. Apparently, I have lost some mad weight-the suit looked too big, but it had to do.

I left for class and powered through class anticipating my upcoming interview. Luckily, my interview was in the same building as my class. So, I went up to the interview. Overall, I think it went fairly well, but you never can tell. I've had interviews I think went perfect and have never heard back from the organization. I have prayed about this interview and jobs in general. I tried my best with the interview questions. So, if this is the job or fit for me then I will take it. I just hope God puts me in the right direction.

After the interview, I grabbed a quick salad and headed to meet my group member for our presentation. We went to present. I thought the presentation went well overall. At least I believe the person who grades us liked the presentation. We had to develop a secret shopper program for the transportation company in our town. I think we put together a really nice program-I just hope the organization liked it. I still have to do this same presentation to our class in two weeks.

Tonight, I have another presentation. This one should be much easier and I am truly not concerned with it. So, for a few minutes-I am relaxing-which I haven't done in days. I look forward to later tonight, tomorrow evening and the weekend.

I'm going home for Easter!!!! Yay!!!!

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Lindsey said...

Hang in there! Have a blast at home for Easter!