Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy 101 Award

My first official award brought to me by Suzanne.
I just happened to come across her blog one day and couldn't help but love it. Who wouldn't love something titled "Sunshine and Wine", umm hello?

So, here are my Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy:

1. God and Jesus.
My God is an awesome God. Whenever I feel close to God I am a much happier and healthier person. Unfortunately at times my commitment waivers, but I know God is always there for me ready to wrap me up in his love and arms. Lately I have been working on my commitment to Him.

2. My husband, Mr. McB. He is my best friend and amazing support. Every day I find more reasons why I love him and why I married him. I know through time our love will grow stronger. I can not wait to grow old with the man of my dreams. I adore when he kisses me on the head.

James with Braxton

3. My support system, friends and family. I can always count on my amazing friends and family. I have the best support system in the world. No matter what I may be going through I know exactly who I can turn to.

Group of friends at one of my wedding showers

Part of my family at my wedding-my aunts and cousins

4. My animals. Mr. McB and I have a dog, a cat and a fish. I really love our animals. Kona is a mix we got from the pound and is such a smart dog. Braxton is a rescue kitty and is the most vocal cat I have ever met. He is cuddly and loving. I love having family time and cuddling with Kona and Braxton.

Kona in the snow

Braxton in my bag

5. Teaching. I love teaching people things. This fact is making me reconsider my choice in professions. I had already started my masters degree before relizing how much I love to teach people. I am still considering the possiblity of returning to school for a masters in education.

6. Shopping. I adore to shop. However, I don't just like to buy things. I like to bargin shop. Nothing is more enjoyable or fulfilling than hitting a great deal.

Part of my clothing

7. Crafts. Although I don't have much time for crafts, I love them. My dream is to teach elementary school and work on crafts in my spare time. I would sell my crafts for extra cash.

8. Cooking. I like to cook, but I only like to cook if I am really organized and the food turns out well. I love Mr. McB walking in from work and seeing me in the kitchen.

9. Randomly driving with my husband. I love when Mr. McB and I head out of the house and have time to drive. Most of the time we have a destination, but detouring and drive through different areas just because. Most of my favorite memories with him are because of this.

10. Reading. I love to read, but I don't find much time for it. I have honestly been working hard at setting aside more time for it. I love having and book and reading right before bed.

Now who to tag:

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