Monday, February 22, 2010

I Believe

One of my favorite bloggers NewlyWoodwards did a list of things she believed in. She then asked what we believed in and I decided to do a list of my own.

I believe in:

-the love of my Heavenly Father and His forgiving power

-the love of my wonderful husband-He is my rock
Mr. McB and I at our friend's wedding

-the unconditional love of a pet or two
Kona taking a break while camping

-the support of wonderful friends and family
Friends on our spring break trip

-the importance of staying organized

-a healthy diet and home cooked food--mixed with a little of life's simple pleasures, aka fast food :)

-a fulfilling job that sends you home happy

-taking time for yourself and doing what you enjoy (I enjoy reading and crafts and my life feels so much more fulfilling when I take time out for these things)

-a girl who enjoys sports--you don't have to enjoy all of them
My BFF, Amanda, and I during a WVU football game

-learning from those older than you

-turing a house into a home

Your turn...what do you believe in??


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Sounds like a great list. Thanks for playing along.

Lindsey said...

I love this! I completely agree with everything you said. :)

Sarah Louise said...

I really like your list! Especially what you said about having a fulfilling job...there aren't too many people out there that actually enjoy their job, and I think that is sad.