Monday, March 8, 2010

American Idol Update

I hate to say it, but I am joining the bandwagon and saying that I don't think this year's American Idol is very good. There are people I like and I think are good, but no one I can really see being a star.

Also, the judges are really getting on my nerves. So far I believe Ellen is the best. She is good with constructive comments without being too harsh. It has really annoyed me how all of the judges say one comment and the next week say the exact opposite, such as "Try to change that song up and add something different" and then the next week "You changed that song too much". The poor contestants are probably driven crazy.

Here are my thoughts:

Aaron Kelly-He is good, but I believe he is a little too nervous. I don't see him becoming a star. He just seems so young, but I do like his voice and think he is adorable.

Alex Lambert-I like him, but I hate his look. I really hate the mullet. I would probably listen to him if he made it, but probably wouldn't buy the cd.

Andrew Garcia-I really really like this guy, but don't know if he has it to be a star. His looks seems very "Fall Out Boy" and his singing is not. She started off as one of my favorites.

Ashley Rodriguez-I really liked this girl and her look, but she did terrible the first week. I do see why she was voted off.

Casey James-Probably my favorite. His look reminds me of a cuter Bucky Covington. I could possibly see him becoming a star.

Crystal Bowersox-I love her voice. She is amazing to listen to, but I am not a fan of her look. I think her voice could make her big. Probably my favorite female voice.

Didi Benami-She is cute, but not star material. She has a unique voice which I like, but I haven't really loved her. We will see.

Haeley Vaughn-I really like her. I was shocked she was voted off. I thought she was most likely to be a star. I thought she was cute and had a great voice.

Janell Wheeler-Loved her look, but wasn't crazy about her performance. I did not think she would be one of the first girls voted off though.

Jermaine Sellers-Can't say I am upset he is gone. I think he had great range, but didn't love his singing or stage presence.

Joe Munoz-Wasn't too attached. I thought he sang well, but didn't see him making it.

John Park-Great voice I would listen to, but no star power.

Katelyn Epperly-I really like her. She may be my favorite female. She did a great job with Coldplay on the piano.

Katie Stevens-Great voice, but I thought she would be long gone. She just doesn't have it to be a performer.

Lacey Brown-I actually love her look. She is adorable and I think did a great job with "Kiss Me."

Lee Dewyze-Good voice, but reminds of a guy I went to college with. I am not sure he is a star.

Lilly Scott-Good voice-don't like much else. She is growing on me though.

Michael Lynche-Love the story and love him. She is a wonderful performer and singer.

Michelle Delamor-Can't say I am sad she is gone. She is so mainstream. I can see a lot of singers like her and just think I got a bad vibe from the start.

Paige Miles-Good voice, growing on me.

Siobhan Magnus-Amazing voice-not sure I love her though.

Tim Urban-Cutie and I think that is what is holding him on the show.

Todrick Hall-He impressed me at tryouts but not sure about him at this point.

Tyler Grady-Thank goodness he is gone. The 70s thing I could not deal with.

So obviously not impressed and not sure why I am still watching. It is probably because I have invested so much time already and want to see how it turns out.

What do you all think about AI this year?

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Anonymous said...

Casey brings back memories of Bucky in Season Five. Cuter..maybe just a tad.