Monday, March 1, 2010

Recap of the Weekend

Friday-Dress Down Day @ work. I love these days. I was able to wear my favorite jeans and my WVU vest in support of the WVU Basketball game on Saturday.

Banana Bread Bakeoff @ work. Unfortunately I stayed up late to bake banana bread on Thursday night and then we didn't even have the bakeoff. Our dietary manager was not able to come on Friday due to snow. Some of the staff sampled my banana bread and Mr. McB was happy to eat it over the weekend.

Two free breakfasts. My best friend is the marketing director for Chick-fil-a. Our facility won business of the week and she brought us the mini chicken bites for breakfast. B/c of the snow I was also able to go buy bagels for the entire staff. These two items lasted me the entire day. :)

Dinner in the snow with the besties. We were supposed to head to see our families, but the snow was crazy on Friday and we decided not to drive 3 hours. We ended up staying at home, but needed to grab something to eat. We usually try to do a nice date sometime during the weekend. We went to Ruby Tuesdays and invited our best friends. They had already eaten, but joined us for a drink. I had the salad bar
and the buffalo chicken minis and a margarita on the rocks. My bestie had a pink sangria and it was very good. Mr. McB opted for a steak and lobster tail which he said was good and I thought was very reasonably priced. It was an awesome dinner. I think Ruby Tuesdays has much improved. I use to love it. Then they changed a lot and I no longer ate there, but decided to try it on Friday because it is the closest restuarant to our houses and was pleased.

Saturday-Relaxed in the morning. Mr. McB and I awoke really early as usual, but took it pretty easy Saturday morning.

Kohl's. Mr. McB wanted a suit from Kohl's that was being discontinued. So we headed to our nearest Kohl's with a great coupon I had. Unfortunately they didn't have his size, but they were able to call the Kohl's near his work and they were able to hold it for him. However we did get quite a bit of stuff. We purchased around $400 worth of merchandise for $80. I love all of the items we got. I even got a pair of awesome jeans for $9.

Driving through WV with Mr. McB. On our way back home Mr. McB decided to take a detour to Prickett's Fort.
Prickett's Fort is a living part of WV history. It is a recreation of the fort built to protect the Prickett family from Indian attack.

Minard's Spaghetti Inn. I know I know. Two nice dinners two nights in a row. We love Minard's, but it is around 40-45 minutes away from our house. We were in the area and decided why not. It was the best it has been, but my spaghetti and ravoli were pretty good.

Gabriel Brothers. Leaving Prickett's Fort we stopped at one of the first and oldest Gabriel Brothers. Gabes was originated in WV and the main office is still in our town. Didn't buy anything at this one, but it was neat to stop by.

The Meadows Racetrack and Casino.

We didn't have plans on Saturday night and the besties called to see if we were interested in heading to the casino about 45 minutes away. They offered to drive so we were in. We headed there, grabbed a snack and a drink and started playing. I am not a big gambler and spent $2 the entire night. Mr. McB and I set a $20 limit and those $2 lasted me for all the slots. I am surprising pretty good at slots. :) It was a lot of fun!!

Sunday-Sleeping in and cuddling with the animals. Mr. McB and I never sleep in, but we did on Sunday. Well, we slept until 8:30 a.m. and cuddled with the animals.

My best friend's upcoming wedding and shower. My other best friend is getting married in May and we had a planning get together for her shower. We went to her family friend's house and had snacks and planned. The snacks were awesome and I was so full by the time everything was over. She is having a Vera Bradley themed shower. We are only playing and couple of games, such as name the Vera Bradley print, the purse game and Bridal bingo. All of the prizes are going to be Vera Bradley items. She is also going to have a coffee bar set up. I still need to decide what I am going to bake or cook for it.

Laying in bed watching movies and reading. I headed to bed around 9:30 p.m. and watched Princess Diaries 2 while I read for a little while. I love being able to relax after a day and do that. :)

So that was my was yours?

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