Monday, November 10, 2008

Not a great day to be a Mountaineer....

This weekend involved some good and some bad.

My weekend was started by getting off a little early on Friday and working around our apartment. I wanted to get everything super clean-almost made it. :) I still have some winter clothes I got out of storage, but aren't put away and I still haven't filed everything as far as paperwork. Other than that, our apartment looks beautiful. :)

After Mr. McB got off work, we drove into our hometown with his brother. Their dad was going to be in town and we don't get to see him very often. The older Mr. McB got us all tickets to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. What a great show! It was loud and the lights were bright, but we really enjoyed ourselves. I really enjoyed the first half with Christmas music and a Christmas story. The show was super long and I was super tired when we finally got to my parent's house.

We got up early Saturday morning to drive back home. It was game day at WVU. Mr. McB's dad came up to our place to go to the game with us. The older Mr. McB was a WVU alum and went to medical school here. I think he really enjoyed coming back to town and hanging out with us. We tailgated all afternoon-that is what happens when there is a WVU night game. Unfortunately, the game did not go like all expected. We almost came back, but blew it. :( What an awful night!

Yesterday, Mr. McB, his dad, his sister and brother, and I went to breakfast at IHOP. Our IHOP is the best I have ever had. I got to have my favorite, pumpkin pancakes. After breakfast, Mr. McB's dad left and Mr. McB and I went out running errands.

Overall, the weekend was busy, but I enjoyed seeing my father-in-law.

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