Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cutout Sugar Cookies

I am usually a good baker. I love baker and most of my baked items turn out very good. However, I've never been good at cutout sugar cookies. The other night I wanted to you my great Halloween cookie cutters and sprinkles and make sugar cookies. I couldn't remember how my mom used to make them, so I went to my trusty Better Homes and Garden Breast Cancer Edition cookbook.

They turned out terrible. The dough never did get hard enough to roll out-even with a whole night in the fridge. So, I made regular sugar cookies and they are very bland. Yuck! They look more like dog treats. Oh well, I'll not use that receipe again.

Anyone have a good receipe for cutout sugar cookies?


Shalane said...

Yes...I have a great recipie! Pillsbury sugar cookies from the regrigerated section in the grocery store. :)

My sugar cookies never turn out good either...I can never get them to cut well. :(

Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

I'm a lousy baker. :o) I love to decorate them though! Usually my stepmom bakes and I decorate, lol!

Blessings, Whitney

Meaghan said...

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Heather of the EO said...

Hi! You won my giveaway!
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Heather of the EO said...

Hi again. I wanted to let you know that I'll wait to hear from you until 1pm today (Monday) and then I'll have to choose another winner. I would email you but I don't see an email for you! I hope you get this comment so you know you won! I left the other comment on Saturday, so I'm guessing you haven't seen it. If emailing me isn't working, you can comment no my blog letting me know that you got this. Thanks!