Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Perfect Fall Night

Monday night was an amazing fall night. Mr. McB and I got to spend the whole evening together-this doesn't happen very often since he has work and I have work and classes to finish up my Masters degree.

Mr. McB started off by picking me up at work. It is always nice to not have to fight the traffic with my P-O-S car. Unfortunately, there are too many people and not enough roads in our town. That's another topic for some other time.

Then, we made a quick run to Kroger. I love that our town bulit a brand new Kroger so close to our place. We picked up a couple of things and headed to our place.

For dinner, we had fried chicken, green beans, and fresh cauliflower. Although I love fried chicken, I never eat very much of it. So, my main dish was the yummy cauliflower we bought at the fall harvest festival for such a good price. I can't believe how much cauliflower we got for so cheap. We made half of it and had plenty. Even better, Mr. McB made a nice creamy cheese sauce to put over the steamed cauliflower. What a perfect fall dinner.

After dinner, we took our dog, Kona, on a walk through the neighborhood. She loves walks, but we don't get to take her on them very often.

When we got back, James put on Saw IV. I was the one who always liked scary movies, but recently I just can't watch them anymore. However, James has been in a scary movie mood. I've seen all of the Saw movies and this one was by far the most confusing. I was totally lost by the whole thing. Oh well! Anyone care to explain?

I'll end with a couple of pictures of fall.
Country Roads, Take Me Home....

Adorable gourds-but I love pumpkins more!

The entrance to our place. I love the bail of hay and mums. On the door is a Halloween wreath my mom and I made. We each have one and I think they are adorable.

Our adorable pup with the fall decor. She didn't want Daddy taking her picture.

The pumpkin Mr. McB carved. I need to carve mine, but I'm not very good at such things.

Happy Fall!

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