Monday, October 13, 2008

My Mild Obsession with Pumpkins

I don't know why, but I've always had a mild obsession with pumpkins. When I was little, I requested a pumpkin pie instead of a birthday cake. Since forever, I have loved October, fall and everything that comes with that time of year.

Mr. McB has been extra great this fall. We are both very busy, but he has made time for us to do special things together this season. It began with football season and watching our favorite team-WVU-at every home game and even on one away trip. Unlike a lot of girls, I like football. We have also been to a couple local high school games. Mr. McB coached baseball and one of his plays football. We've been to a couple of those games and been able to take advantage of the beautiful new high school stadium.

Then last weekend, Mr. McB took us to a local Italian restaurant for a nice dinner. Puglioni's is probably one of my favorite restaurants in our town and I got to enjoy a nice pasta dinner with their garlic butter sauce. It was excellent-since they use a lot of garlic and make their own pasta. I also love their bread with butter and fresh garlic poured over it. Yum! After the WVU game on Saturday, we traveled to our home town to be with family. For as long as I can remember, it has been a tradition for my mom, aunt and I to go to the Pumpkin Festival about 30 minutes from our hometown. I couldn't do without going this year. So Saturday night, we got to enjoy our favorite Mexican restaurant with my mom and the in-laws. Then Sunday, my mom and I headed to the Pumpkin Festival. My aunt and Mr. McB and the in-laws met us there. My aunt got us a great personalized giant candy corn to hang on our door and my mother-in-law got us a great smiling pumpkin for decorating. I enjoyed a loaded baked potato and some pumpkin ice cream at the festival. Mr. McB pretty much only enjoyed the food and the birds from the wildlife refuge.

This weekend, Mr. McB watched as I participated in the Homecoming Parade for work.

Then Saturday, we attended a tailgate by one of Mr. McB's BFFs. Lookup's-that is his name and he's 6'7"-parents were in town for the game and wanted to have a big tailgate party. We had a blast and luckily WVU won. Here are Lookup and his gf (also our good friend).

Then yesterday, Mr. McB took me to a Fall Harvest Festival at his favorite orchard. We had so much fun driving along looking at the beautiful leaves. I took pictures, but they don't do the beautiful scenery justice. We got to the festival and it was super crowded and hot, but we still had a blast. We went through a corn maze. Mr. McB found me....

Here is my adorable husband-Mr. McB.

We took an awesome hay ride to the pumpkin patch to pick out our favorite pumpkins.

Here we are picking out our pumpkins.

After yummy apple cider and pumpkin roll, we picked out various things we wanted from the fall harvest festival. I got a brown sugar and cinnamon covered apple. Yum!

On our way home, we stopped at an Italian restaurant. I was not that impressed. My eggplant was great, but it was not all it was supposed to be. Puglioni's is still my pick. :)

Thanks Mr. McB-for making my fall the best ever.


Shalane said...

How fun! Mmmmm...Puglionis sounds SO good right now. I was drooling while reading! :)

Mom, Dad, and I went to Deep Creek yesterday. If you and James can squeeze in a trip so! Go to a little place right before called Schoolhouse Earth! They have lots of cute house things, gourmet food sampling, and goats! Yes...real goats! :)

<3 you!

Kim & Ryan said...

That looks super fun! I have an addiction to pumpkins, too!