Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Puppy Love

For a few months, Mr. McB and I have been contemplating whether to add a new addition to our family or not. No, not a baby, but another puppy.
We both love our Kona with all of our hearts and think we could love and rescue another puppy also.
Kona is almost 3 years old and will soon be too old to bother with another puppy. However, right now Kona very much enjoys being the only child and getting all of the attention. However, we are told to break her of that before deciding to have kids. We are thinking another puppy might break her of this.
How did this become such a big idea?
Well, Mr. McB convinced me to go to the animal shelter this past weekend. I knew this wasn't a good idea. We come upon a little puppy who is starving and looks just like our Kona. My heart breaks as she jumps on the fence just like Kona did when we found her-no barking, just wanting love. We are hooked.
When we go to ask about the puppy, another couple was already looking at it. We left our name in case they took the other dog they were looking at. As Mr. McB and I left, the puppy tried to follow us. :(
Lately, I've been doing my devotions and asking God to speak to me in different ways. I feel like I am one of those people who doesn't listen intently to God and so I don't think he is actually talking to me. So, Mr. McB and I decide to pray for the little pup on our way home. We prayed that God would take care of the puppy and do what is right for it. As we said "Amen," our phone rang. The couple took the other dog.
So, the next day we take our Kona out to meet the pup. However, Kona was so nervous about the shelter and going back in that they didn't get along. They didn't not get along, but Kona wasn't big on the puppy-probably b/c the puppy tried to get milk from Kona. When the puppy got in her face, she growled a little, but not mean just unhappy. Mr. McB has been researching this and found that Kona's reaction is perfectly normal.
So we left. We've prayed about the puppy since Sunday and we prayed for God to point us in a direction. Mr. McB went back today and they still have it (something we prayed about) and this morning on Rachel Ray they were talking about the joy of shelter dogs.
So, I am so torn. I loved the little pup and I love animals, but I am worried about our upcoming move and how Kona will react to her. However, I am not working as much right now, so right now would probably be the best time. I'm worried about having a little puppy and I'm worried about having two dogs. I want her, but Mr. McB just can't let her go. Since we left her, he is obsessed with her.
I pray for God to give me strength to make the right decision.

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