Thursday, January 29, 2009

J is for...

I joined in on the letter game with Emily at Vineyard Vogue. I was lucky enough to get letter J. Now I have to post ten things I love that begin with J.

  • Jesus-enough said (plus I thought the picture may be a little creepy)

  • James-my husband!!! :)

  • Joe-Mart-since being retired, my dad has taken on a part-time job at Go-Mart (obviously he was really bored)-my dad is Mr. Personality (everyone asks for him) and has now named his work place Joe-Mart-gotta love it!!!

  • Jeremy, Jonah and Jakob-you have to love the little people in our lives-Jeremy and Jonah are Mr. McB's younger siblings and Jakob is my little cousin
  • Jeremy

    Mr. McB and Jonah


  • Juicy Couture-I love the little Js-although Mr. McB says they stand for him

  • Jacksonville-WVU has played in the Gator Bowl more times than I can count-I love the city and I especially love my memories from that city

  • Jazz music-can't get enough of it

  • JCPenney's designer clothing lines-I love the stuff they carry in their designer lines-It looks so professional, yet trendy

  • "Just Married"-I love that movie and I love the chemistry Ashton and Brittany have together-I think it is a fabulous portrayl of how love conquers all

  • Joann fabrics-I love the store, but I'm more excited that Mr. McB and I may be moving so close to one :)

There are my 10. If you would like to play along, leave me a comment and I will send you a letter. :) Enjoy!!!


Lindsey said...

Great list!!!

janice_phil said...

wow!!!! you lokk great n hope n pray for u n ur family...

Jules said...

I love your list. Just Married is such a cute movie.