Friday, January 16, 2009

The Way God Teaches Lessons

As I have made quite evident over the past few days, Mr. McB and I had a dog problem. He really wanted a new puppy and I wanted it but was worried over so many factors.
Since January 1, I have been trying to be better about doing at least my daily devotion. One such devotion really struck me strongly. The devotion was about talking with God and listening to Him. I've always been one to turn to God with struggles, but I often fail to talk to God constantly. I have been working hard to be better at this. Although I talk to God, I never feel like I can hear God. So that night, I prayed for God to help me know He is there and for me to hear Him. I honestly believe He told me He was there. Then the puppy thing started and throughout the process, I truly felt God was telling us to take it.
I beg for God to share His voice and commandments with me and what do I do-I don't listen. My worry gets the best of me and I fail to listen to what I've been begging for.
I open my devotion for yesterday and it is about worrying and how worrying is a sin. See God is talking specifically to me. I know I need to listen to God and I know I need to turn my worries to Him. In the end, everything worked out, but I need to learn to trust more in my wonderufl and awesome God.

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