Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Things About Me

A friend tagged me on Facebook to write 25 things about myself. I usually hate these things, but figured I would go ahead and share it with the blog world too.

1. I love West Virginia with all my heart and soul, but I truly can't wait to move out of here. I think I grew up in one of the most beautiful states, but I am getting tired of things about it, such as the awful job market. However, I know I'll miss the mountains terribly when we move.

2. Although, I love this state and think it is beautiful, especially in the fall, I secretly wish I had grown up a little further south. I love the southern draws on women, the Lilly fasion, the big hats, and the sweet tea. :)

3. I'm so glad my life has turned out as it has, but I didn't think it would be anything like this. I definitely found true love and got married before I ever expected.

4. I love our dog Kona so much. I'd love to live on an old farm property with lots of dogs and horses running around.

5. When I was a competitive figure skater, I had a slight eating disorder. At times, I miss my life during those years.

6. I love to travel, but I truly have no desire to ever go to China or Japan. Places I'd love to visit include: Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Italy, Hawaii and so many more.

7. Although I'm very much of a girly girl, I love to do things with the guys. Before college, I was much more of a guys girl.

8. I am a devoted Baltimore Orioles fan. I know they are no good, but I love them.

9. I love kids. I know it is definitely not the right time to start thinking about them, but I can't wait to have them and for all of our friends to start having them.

10. I can't wait for the day to be called an aunt. Although kids are special, I love the bonds aunts have with their nieces and nephews.

11. I have a blog and could definitely waste so much time checking out all of my blog friends' blogs. They have some fabulous ideas.

12. My wedding day was pretty much everything I dreamed it would be!!!! :)

13. If I could do my dream job, it would definitely be starting my own wedding coordinator business. I already have the name picked out.

14. I am the wedding coordinator for James' and my church. I love it!!!

15. I love scrapbooking. I could spend our life savings on scrapbooking materials.

16. I love to read and I am a fast reader, but I can never find the time with grad school. I can't wait to finally be done in May.

17. I am very competitive. I love to beat people, but I try to keep it under control. Sometimes, depending on the day, I can be really mean about this.

18. I love God with all of my heart and soul and wish I knew how to share this with more people. I've been trying really hard lately to worship Him in the best ways I can.

19. I love everything to do with wine. I would love to be a wine salesperson. However, I don't love every type of wine.

20. I love my family. I think it is strange how families change and evolve and I wish I could go back quite a few years and change everything back to the way it was.

21. I strangely love to wear professional and fancy clothing. However, if I have a chance to relax, I prefer track suits over jeans.

22. Pink is my favorite color. If I could buy everything in pink, I probably would. Also, if something comes in pink, I'm much more inclined to like it.

23. I can be really prissy, but I try really hard to not be as high maintenance all of the time.

24. I am a huge breast cancer awareness advocate. I think it is a very important subject that everyone needs to support and battle.

25. I love my friends more than any of them could know. I think it is very important to show your friends how important they are to you (I need to work on this).

So, if you haven't done this before-tag, you're it!


mrs.leah.maria said...

I'm so a girlie guys girl as well! :)

Megan said...

I love this! I did it on facebook too, I need to transfer it to my blog as well :0) I am with you on # 19!

Jules said...

I would love to be a wedding planner too. That is great that you do it for the church. Very nice! I cannot believe you used to be a competitive figure skater too...very cool.