Thursday, February 26, 2009

Adorable Finds

I have been in the shopping mood, but I am trying to be good and just look.

However, today I found two adorable finds. I probably won't get either, but I think they are both great prices.

They are both from Terry's Village, which has a ton of stuff on sale for really good prices.

The first I would love to have for Kona's leashes. It is a "Wipe Your Paws" wall hook.

The second is an adorable Leprechaun Dip Bowl. Mr. McB is Irish and I think these dip bowls are fabulous. You put ice in the bottom to keep the dip cold.

Help!!! I can't spend any more money!!!


Lindsey said...

Ahh I miss shopping now too!

alice said...

I have been trying to be good too.
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