Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crazy....Beautiful Life

The past few days have flown by...... (waves goodbye!)

I work in an extremely small office and we have been preparing for special events, our upcoming conference and creating a minor degree. Although higher education is not my field, I have loved my experiences working in our office. If I could stay in higher education and do this, I would totally do it.
The past few days, I have been finalizing things with the massive amounts of students I am specifically working with this semester. I handle the Multidisciplinary Studies program at our center and help the senior students decide on a capstone project. This week, I have been organizing everything and doing my first rounds of check-ins. Also, I have been helping my boss prepare for organizaing a service-learning minor. I'm really excited about WVU having a service-learning minor through our office.
Also, next weekend is our conference in my hometown. I will be extremely business, but it will be a blast. My old co-worker is coming back to help with the conference. I'm so excited to see him!!!! We were such great buds!
Other than being really busy, life is fabulous! I'm loving that it has gotten a little warmer here. I love the start of warm weather. Also, it looks like Mr. McB will be getting a promotion. Yay!
But, it appears I have done something to my lower back. Ouch!!! So, I've been in a lot of pain.

I hope to update with something a little more exciting. :)

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