Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just What I Needed to Hear....

As I brought up in the last post, I haven't been feeling well. It all started a couple of weeks ago and I've progressively gotten to feeling better since then. However, I am still having times when I am really dizzy and light-headed and just don't feel like myself. Being scared of everything, this has caused me some small anxiety attacks because the thought of death or serious illness keeps coming back to mind.
Luckily, I have another doctor appointment tomorrow. The first appointment basically told me I was having anxeity attacks and not to worry about it unless it got worse, it hasn't gotten worse, but it is still hanging on. Well, I needed a normal appointment anyways, so I am going and just discussing everything with my doctor to make sure I am all on track. I am sure it is something minor, especially after talking to every health professional I know, but my mind still drifts to what if I have something that will kill me.
I am a typically happy person, but this is tearing me up inside and making me extremely upset. So, I am asking for your thoughts and prayers.
I know that our God is an awesome God and will take care of me and watch over me, but sometimes the devil gets the best of your thoughts and emotions. I have been working through this by turning to God everytime I begin to worry and battling against the negative. At times this works, other times I seem to fail at this. So, this morning I open my devotional and find today is about the devil getting the best of your thoughts and turning your worry over to Jesus. This truly helped a lot because I realized that worrying isn't going to help me any, but praying to our Heavenly Father can.
Then, I get on one of my favorite blogs, Kelly's Korner, and she has posted words of encouragement from the Bible. These scripture verses truly helped calm me down and praise Jesus for the wonderful life I do have. I will continue to pray to have God help me through this and battle through the anxiety and worry I am experiencing. I ask you to also not only prayer for my faith, but also for my health.

Thank you God for being a truly wonderful and eye-opening God!


Lindsey said...

Great post!!!

Lyryn said...

Keep the faith, girl! Know that He is carrying you all the way and soak yourself in the word!! Praying for you. :)

Jules said...

I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. God is watching over you and will keep you in good hands :)