Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getaway or "Get Away" Weekend

As if Mr. McB and I haven't had enough breaks this summer, we decided to take another weekend trip. However, you all probably don't know this since the disappearance of my camera cord halted any updates of substance. Well, I finally found the right cord and will update about this past weekend.

One of Mr. McB's best friends moved home to upstate New York recently. To be honest, Mr. McB has been kind of lost without him. So, when we got invited up to his hometown, we decided to take him up on the offer-the only stipulation was to bring his girlfriend back home with us.

Mr. McB and I left Friday after our work day was over. Unfortunately, we got out an hour later than we wanted due to issues we were having with the rental car we had. The trip was really unadventurous except for stopping at Soergel's, our favorite orchard, for wonderful ice cream. I love traveling with Mr. McB. I don't have an explanation why, but I do.

We arrived to Pittsford, upstate New York, around 11:30 p.m. Michael and Cassie had pizza waiting on us when we got there. Then, I got a tour of the house since I am the only one who had not been there. We needed to get up early, but stayed up and talked until almost 2 a.m.

Surprisingly, we woke up pretty close to on time. We went to downtown Rochester and checked out their open air market. The place was absolutely amazing. They had vendors with tons of fruits and vegetables, vendors with fake products like Canal Street and an inside market with fish, meat, etc. I truly wish we had something like this somewhere close. We got a few fruits and vegetables, but I wish I could go to something like that every week. After the market, we got a tour of Rochester, NY. We then stopped at Wegmann's, the most wonderful grocery store. I had heard a lot about Wegmann's, but you can't believe it until you see it. I wish I could share pictures, but you can't take pictures in the store. We got a wonderful tour since Michael has worked at the sub shop for several years. The store has a prepared food section bigger than some grocery stores I have seen. So, we ate breakfast there. I got a bagel and biali. If you haven't had bread in upstate New York, it is a must. There bread is 100 times better than anywhere else. After Wegmann's, we got a tour of Pittsford and the surrounding area and then traveled to Canandaigua Lake where Michael's parents have a condo on the lake. His parents were waiting on us for lunch. After eating and hanging out, we went out on the boat and cruised around the lake. It was a little chilly, but overall really nice.

The beautiful lake

Cassie and I-I love this cute picture

Here are the silly boys on Michael's balcony

Mr. McB and I

After our boating trip around the lake, we all went into the little town by the lake. This area is NY wine country, so we stopped at a cute little winery for a wine tasting. The wine was pretty good, but we didn't buy anything. They had the best smelling wine candle though. I really wanted it for my kitchen, but could not allow myself to purchase it for the price.

On our way back to Pittsford, we took a few detours. When we arrived in Pittsford, we stopped at a nice mall and looked around for awhile. They had Vera Bradley notepads on sale, but I also did not let myself buy that. After the mall, we stopped at a place called Beers of the World, where they sell beer from everywhere. You can pick out as many beers as you would like since they are sold as a single beer. Mr. McB and I picked up seven beers.

Then, we stopped at The Distillery for dinner. Dinner was good, but I like the atmosphere better.

When we got home, Cassie and I were really tired, but Mr. McB and Michael built us a fire in the firepit. To be honest, we had a long night planned, but headed to bed pretty early. I really wanted to hang out, but I was tired and freezing cold. I went to bed smelling like camp fire. :)

The next morning, we got up and headed back to Wegmann's for breakfast and some shopping. We got a few things we couldn't get back home.

After Wegmann's, we headed on the road for Niagara Falls. I had never been and part of Mr. McB's family is from there, so he wanted to show me the falls. The were beautiful, but not as wonderful as I expected. Next time, we hope to go to Canada for a few days.

After leaving the falls, we stopped to see the Whirlpool, which was a disappointment to me. Mr. McB was amazed. Then, we were off to an outlet mall prior to heading home.

On the way home, we saw beautiful New York and PA wine country and I was amazed by the beauty.


mrs.leah.maria said...

Lol at the stipulation! Looks like a fabulous trip!

Michelle said...

What a great trip!! Loved the pictures. I've been to Niagara Falls once and we had so much fun.

Oh, and I will be visiting a Wegman's for the first time this weekend...can't wait!

Lyryn said...

You came to PA!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Thank you for your comment! That is exactly what I wanted people to get from what I said! MARRIAGE IS IMPORTANT and worth fighting for! Sometimes it’s too late to realize what you missed out on. God is good and I’m glad that people got to see that! That’s great that you have parents that have been a good example of how to fight for your marriage. That’s so awesome.

Tracy-Girl said...

What a fun time!! :) Love all of the pictures. We really want to go to Niagara Falls!

Lindsey said...

Thank you for all your sweet comments! My mom is very special to me and I really wanted to show her what she means to me. It's a lot of pressure to make her 60th birthday memorable! :)

Hope you are having a great weekend!