Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going Strong...

Not me, my marriage, that is. Everyone always says the first year of marriage is the hardest. I heard variations from this, but I truly think it is. Probably b/c I never lived with anyone other than my parents and my two best friends. I had never lived with a guy and it has been extremely hard to adjust to life in a two bedroom apartment with even the man of my dreams. Needless to say, we have had our ups and downs and several fights over something stupid. However, Mr. McB and I have struggled to talk things out and have been successful in keeping our love and commitment to each other the focus.
This weekend provided reassurance that our love and commitment to one another are strong. Our weekend together plans got changed, which created a fight. However, we talked it out and came out falling more for each other. I always seem more in love than before whenever we fight.
Last week was extremely busy with work and all. Plus, Mr. McB and I are trying to eat healthier and cook more often. During Mr. McB's baseball/softball season, it has been really hard to cook very often. However, we want to work on cooking for our health and for saving money. So, this past week flew by.
Friday night we were going to camp at a campground close to our house. However, the forecast showed rain. So we brought up going to our hometown. I really wanted to spend time with my husband, but we headed to our parents'. We got about halfway and I realized I needed to head into work Saturday morning to have a test read. So, we turned around. By the time we got home, we went to bed and cuddled for the night. The next morning we decided to check out some yard sales. They really weren't very good, but we got a few things we didn't really need like poker table top and a few old VHS movies. After the yard sales, we were going to head to the Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival in Wheeling, WV. However, it looked like a lot of rain. So we headed to our home town. Mr. McB went to play golf with a few friends, while my mom and I headed to check out some sales in the area. We were supposed to eat at our favorite Mexican place, but they were closed b/c of a power outage after a terrible storm that afternoon. So, we settled for Steak Escape. Mr. McB and I then headed to the West Virginia Power baseball game with a few friends. It wasn't a lot of fun b/c of the on and off rain. I had my mom pick me up b/c Mr. McB went to see a movie with his step-dad and I heard it wasn't a girlie movie. So, I hung out with my mom and played with her pup. I ended up falling asleep on the couch I always use to. Mr. McB picked me up and we stayed with his family. We arrived to presents on our pillows from their trip to Maine and Boston. Mr. McB got a baseball hat and I got a mermaid nighlight. Cute! :) The next morning I woke up to fresh donuts. We didn't make it church, but we headed to lunch with his parents and my mom. We ended up at Olive Garden. I had the grilled salmon.

The salmon was delicious, but it didn't settle well with me. After lunch, we hung out with each family for a little and then headed back home.

It was a nice little weekend and proved to me how important our marriage and families are.


Lacey said...

I definitely agree that the first year is the hardest! We haven't made it to year 2 yet, but I feel like our marriage has definitely been easier since we hit the one year mark. Have you read "The Power of a Praying Wife"? I absolutely loved it and really feel like it helped make our marriage stronger too :)

Lyryn said...

That’s great! Praise God for you love and commitment to one another. I guess I’m one of those people who would give you the “variations.” First year of marriage was pie… then it got tough for us. Oh… it makes me so happy to hear when marriages are doing great! Praise GOD!