Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More 101 in 1001

Here are some more goals.....

21. Wash my face at night-I struggle with this. I get tired and want to go straight to bed.

22. Make a realistic budget -Mr. McB and I took care of this one prior to getting the truck. We wanted to make sure we could do it all.

23. Pay off all debt-This will be hard, especially if we buy a house anytime soon.

24. Boost savings account-Working on this one every pay period. We had a good amount of savings, but used it for our truck.

25. Go to garage sales-Mr. McB and I did this the 4th of July. I hope to continue.

26. Go to open houses-I love them and Mr. McB hates them, but we agreed to go to a few.

27. Spend one hour of quality time together each day-Working really hard at this one. I think it is going well.

28. Go on monthly date nights-We try to do this, but we are always so busy. The past few weekends we have been spending a lot of time together.

29. Buy a house-This will be a little while.

30. Get pregnant-We are waiting on this one too.

31. Take a family vacation with my family-We try to do this every year, but usually my dad does not go. :(

32. Take a family vacation with James' families-This one will be much harder.

33. Travel more-We have been doing this. However, there are some key places I want to go (Italy, Greece, Ireland).

34. Start videotaping major events-We usually only video Christmas.

35. Start doing random romantic things for James-I want to keep up the romance.

36. Send out Christmas cards by December 10th each year.

37. Vacuum at least once a week-Getting better at this.

38. Clean each room once a week-Also getting beter at this.

39. Keep pictures updated-I am awful at this.

40. Make our bed every day-Almost perfect!


Emily said...

Fabulous goals! I struggle with washing my face every night too - it's just the last thing I want to do before crawling into bed.

Lyryn said...

Date nights… MUST! So important to keep dating! :) Getting preggo… OH, totally know how that feels. I’ll be praying for you girl! And your #40… my husband and friend were just talking about this two nights ago… I have got to get better at making the bed!!! Oh man!